iPhone Screen Repair in DC, MD, VA

iPhone repair

iPhone screen replace
Computer repair and support

Unlocking and repairing any kinds of iPhone or cell phone

Repairing water damage

Installing alarm in any kinds of cars, including starting and locking your car from you iPhone

Installing security camera and networking

Integrating anything to iPhone (custom), garage doors lights and custom language.

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508 K ST NW


Comments on: "iPhone repair" (6)

  1. Hello I have the 1st Generation iPhone and the screen doesn’t work. How much would i cost me to fix it. I have been to your store before and you fixed my iphone before. Also I was wondering if you can upgrade it as well. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the message but I really don’t have enough information as of what really happened or wrong with the phone, so if you can bring it in I can take a look at it and fix it. Thanks again.

  2. Hello,

    how much would it be to repair a 3G-display that has no light anymore, since it got wet? The display works fine, there´s just no background light.



    • It really depends what the exact problem to give you the price. This symptom is caused by water damage and we have to fully diagnose to give you better idea. Thank you.

  3. Hi I want to get the housing on my 3gs changed how much would it cost. I f I brought you the housing.

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