iPhone Screen Repair in DC, MD, VA

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EnSTech is commited to help you with your iPhone and any computer (pc or mac).
I know you have just dropped your phone and cracked your screen and I also know that you are pissed off, but guess what? Don’t worry I have got you covered, Just call me and I’ll give you the best price and professional job done, and also I have money back guarantee if you don’t like the job
Here is the # 202-658-4697

We do Screen replacement for really reasonable price (we beat any prices out there) And I guarantee you don’t even notice the screen has been changed, if not I’ll issue a full refund
† Computer repair and support
† Unlocking and repairing any kinds of iPhone or cell phone
† Repairing water damage
† Installing alarm in any kinds of cars, including starting and locking your car from you iPhone
† Installing security camera and networking
† Integrating anything to iPhone (custom), garage doors lights and custom language.
Just come and check us

508 K ST NW

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By jermiy at 2011-06-16
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By jermiy at 2011-06-16



Comments on: "iPhone 4 screen repairing service in dc" (13)

  1. Outstanding said:

    This guy is a genius – a magician. I hope I’m not clumsy enough to break anything else expensive but if I do I’ll be sure to take my electronics to his store. AND he’s very pleasant and meets deadlines. 100% rave review!

  2. David_Kennedy45 said:

    By David_Kennedy45 – Jul 21, 2010
    Unfortunately I dropped my phone the day after I recieved it and the glass was destroyed. Jeremy was the ONLY person in the area doing iPhone 4 repairs. fast service, friendly, great overall person. if you crack you iphone 4, or any other iPhone model jeremy is the guy to go to!!!! thanks bro.‎

  3. fixed my phone in 15 min on a holiday!‎‎
    By mrt – Jul 5, 2010
    My iphone screen shattered, and I didn’t want to wait to have apple replace the whole lcd (it was working fine except for the cracked glass). I called and Jeremy (I’m not sure what the name of the guy was, but everyone here is calling him Jeremy. shrugs) came in on memorial day to fix it for me! it was pricey ($100 i think) but worth it for the convenience and I haven’t had any problems since. Thanks!‎

  4. Hi Jeremy
    Just reading through your website, and I wanted to compliment on you the fact that you use original parts.

    Actually I also have an iPhone Repair business, but I’m in Australia! And here many people use copy parts such as screens. We are actually just making the change over to genuine parts ourselves. So great work, all the best to you Jeremy.

  5. All I have to say is that Jermiy is the best in the area. I washed my iPhone 3GS in my laundry, accidentally left it in my pants pocket. I went back to my room looking for my phone and I knew something bad was up. I used my home phone to call my iphone and it went to voicemail. I darted to my garage to where my washing machine is located, stopped the wash cycle and took out my iphone within the first 5 minutes. I quickly ran to the bathroom to get my hair dryer to dry it as much as possible. It was completely died and would not operate anymore. I let it dry overnight, hoping that it would magically work. The next day, I was starting to get mad at myself, I actually got teary eyed because I was shocked and apple care on that iPhone just ended.

    That’s when I started looking around for iphone repair stores around DC, then I called this guy in VA and he told me he want to see the phone and took it to him same day, after a week he told me the phone can not be fixed it has bad motherboard and that will cost around $250, next I took it to the guy in MD, that one was funny I knew he wasn’t that great at the first impression, any how he couldn’t fix it as well. Then I gave up and went to apple store, showed my iphone to one of the guy at the genius bar, it wasn’t that good because I had T-mobile sim in the iPhone and he said we can not work on this iPhone… wow wow why? He said this iPhone has been tampered and we can not work on it at all, then my only choice was to ask him where can I take it to get it fixed, he said the guy in DC, ENSTECH.

    I searched for ENSTECH on google and called, Jermiy answered, he told me to bring the iPhone in and went the same day. Guess what? he fixed the phone in three hours. That was amazing, he knows it all I mean this guy is genius he even have software he is selling in Cydia, for me to find him was miracle, Jermiy you are the best I’ll make sure I’ll put my words out. People need to know this guy, he work on everything I mean everything, don’t ask me which types electronics I didn’t see in the shop, he fix everything.

  6. I contacted multiple iPhone repair shops in the area through email, phone and each one had differing price quotes all within the same area. This one was the resonable one. Looked up yelp, it had the best reviews out of the bunch. I said to myself, why not? Jermiy, the owner/technician, is one of the most honest guys in the field imo. He gave me straightforward answers and advice that the other stores didn’t provide. Since this is an solely owned business, he is flexible with time and pricing. My phone was fixed with in 10 minutes of me showing up, with three other customers in there waiting for theirs as well. Honest and straightforward service. Fixed my doomed iPhone and an overall great guy.

  7. lindonesia s. said:

    As other Yelpers have mentioned, don’t let the low-key, former garage, back alley exterior fool you. This guy is the man, not only has he hooked me up with iphone repairs and service he’s a laptop guru as well. He’s taken my bloved macbook pro back from the dead and up and running when the “guenius bar” told me that the best they could do was replace the hard drive with the same size and RPM that i had before…oh and because i did not have the official licences and source disks of my Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and other key video editiing softwear “those would all get wiped out. J-Man got me a huge and fast hard drive at a fraction of the cost the apple store. You do have to be patient with him, he gets so much business that his follow through and speed of some of the bigger jobs gets put on hold but, it’ll get done.

  8. David E. said:

    I was stuck in iPhone purgatory – 1 month out of warranty (and water damaged), 5 months shy of upgrade pricing. Due to damage to the docking/charging port, my 3GS wouldn’t charge, only give me a “Charging is Not Supported With this Accessory” error message even when plugged in to the original charger.

    Apple wanted $199 for an out-of-warranty repair. ENSTech charged me $45, and did it in about 10 minutes while I waited. Now, it works perfectly.

    Yeah, it’s a little odd to go in to to a garage to have your phone fixed, but don’t let the setting fool you. The service was fast, cheap, and top-notch. Highly recommended.

    Also, if you don’t feel like waiting, you go get a cappucino at Busboys & Poets, right across the street!

  9. Vincent V. said:

    This dude is amazing. On Saturday night, I dropped my new iPhone 4 on a concrete sidewalk and shattered the glass screen on it. It was so bad, I got a bloodied scratch rubbing my finger across it while examining the damage. On Monday, I called in and he told me to stop by. After $170 and 15 minutes later, my phone looked good as new. He popped it open, replaced the screen, and closed it back it. It felt a little sketch walking into his garage, but he got the job done.

  10. Lela M. said:

    I really dislike small electronics. Cell phones, blackberries, I-Pods, you name it. I hate that you have to charge them constantly. I hate the way they break at the drop of a hat. I hate hanging out with someone who receives approximately 100 text messages a day and listening to their effin’ phone vibrate and ping every ten seconds. Most of all, I hate the fact that these terrible devices are a part of my life, against my will.

    All this is leading up to my review, I promise (I just wanted to vent for a second). I have a blackberry that was issued to me by my job. Last night, at approximately 7:30 PM, my boyfriend took the battery out and then replaced it with tremendous force. He just doesn’t know his own strength I guess. You know what happened next: blackberry broke. This was a real issue for two reasons: our company policy is if you break it you buy it, and I work from home and had one thousand conference calls scheduled for the next day.

    I panicked for about ten minutes before googling cell phone repair shops in the area. ENS popped up as the first result. I called to see if they were still open, and Ermiyas promised to stay late to handle my phone, despite the fact that his store was technically closed at this point.

    We were there within 10 minutes, and my berry was fixed in the next 15. Ermiyas replaced the broken part with a new part and made the whole thing look easy. He was also friendly, charged what I felt like was a fair amount, and didn’t seem at all resentful that we’d barged in almost thirty minutes after regular hours were over. The place itself is located right in downtown DC which was highly convenient to my condo. The next time a device breaks, which I’m sure will be very soon, I’m heading straight back to ENS.

  11. Sally Glass said:

    Can you fix an old Panasonic Model: KX-TG5422? 5,8 GHz. I would call but no dial tone.
    salglass@aol.com. I emailed, but mail bounced back. Thanks.

  12. What a great service! These phones are made so cheaply because consumers want “the best” at “the best price.” As a result, they seem to fall apart pretty quickly. Thanks for providing a service that allows us to get as much out of these gadgets as possible.

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