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Best iPhone Screen Repair in DC

What makes Genius Fix unique from all repair stores around? Why do we have beautiful reviews everywhere?

We have OEM part, remember We are professionals in this business and we can only tell you what we do and use. the Part we use is the OEM part and it is the best in the market, this business is very unique business and a lot of competitions around and in order for you to maintain the price competition you have to use low part quality to save money on parts but unfortunately we don’t believe and work that way. Our part is guaranteed and it is the best ever in the market.

Is you iPhone 4 screen Broken? We are here to help, please visit our store and you will be satisfied with our service as usual.
We repaired almost 10,000 iPhones so far, when I say that I don’t mean to say just screen repair, we repair anything, anything at all. Fixing cracked screen only is not fun for us, we fix phone that was difficult for other repair shops, that’s real fun. Read our reviews everywhere.


Welcome to
EnSTech is commited to help you with your iPhone and any computer (pc or mac).
I know you have just dropped your phone and cracked your screen and I also know that you are pissed off, but guess what? Don’t worry I have got you covered, Just call me and I’ll give you the best price and professional job done, and also I have money back guarantee if you don’t like the job
Here is the # 202-658-4697

We do Screen replacement for really reasonable price (we beat any prices out there) And I guarantee you don’t even notice the screen has been changed, if not I’ll issue a full refund
† Computer repair and support
† Unlocking and repairing any kinds of iPhone or cell phone
† Repairing water damage
† Installing alarm in any kinds of cars, including starting and locking your car from you iPhone
† Installing security camera and networking
† Integrating anything to iPhone (custom), garage doors lights and custom language.
Just come and check us

508 K ST NW

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